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Roles : Strategy, Web Design

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The Challenge

With over 7000 acres of pristine nature, luxurious accommodation and enough sporting activities to satisfy a lifetime, how does one frame it all in just a dozen or so pages? I was brought on to find find an answer by designing and strategising a minimalist website that highlighted the beauty of the property, while maintaining a highly polished and elite image.

The Solution

With the aid of beautiful photography and carefully selected typography, myself and the Dorback Estate management team were able to put together an online presence for the hunting estate that did it's natural abundance and vivid history justice.

Low Fidelity Mockups

The process for this design started with low fidelity mockups as the general structure of pages, and the flow between them was established with a visual sitemap. Going straight to low fidelity mockups also meant it was a lot easier for the client to understand what the elements on each page were, opposed to the complexity that comes with wireframes for those that aren't familiar with them.


The purpose of the homepage on just about any marketing site is to catch the visitors attention and have them venture deeper into the website. We did this by using large, high quality photography that would instantly show off the estate's visual marvel.


The different aspects of the estate are highlighted here, with the page acting as an index for the user to find the content their looking for. While the dropdown in the nav allows the user to go directly to any of the pages listed, on this page they are able to see visual previews.


The vast hunting options are one of the main selling features for the property. Large images accompanied with minimal text explaining the different options available combine into an enjoyable browsing experience.  Photography was specially selected to exclude any graphic photos.


Another highly important aspect of the estate is the management's continuous efforts to conserve the habitant and the fauna that call it home. This page highlights the programs in place, and document the visual changes that the efforts have achieved over time as well as details regarding future plans.


The property has several accommodation options available to the public to rent. The accommodation page lists the currently available rentals, using minimal text and large photos to entice visitors to learn more about their options.

Accommodation Detail

Each rental has it's own detail page where property-specific images and information is displayed. The use of images collages, and narrow text elements creates an enjoyable reading experience, mimicking that of a magazine. 


High Fidelity Mockups

After much deliberation over page content and photography, the designs were finally implemented in full colour.  Several noticeable differences between the low fidelity mockups and the implemented designs include a darker theme, use of a softer serif font and low saturation photography. 

Almost every image of the website was purpose-shot, creating a one-of-a-kind viewing experience with close to no stock photography used anywhere on the site.


Wrapping Up & Final Thoughts

While this project started out simple in nature, it actually resulted in being one of my longest projects to date, due to the high profile nature of the property and complex content/photography requirements. Regardless, the outcome is an attractive online presence that tells the centuries long story of Dorback Estate.


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