Valdis Barrett - UI/UX Designer


Cap Table Management Web App

Roles : Conceptual Design, Strategy, UI, UX

The Challenge

Everyday venture capitalist and angel investors are pouring millions of dollars into companies that are shaping the world around us and defining our future. While many of these investors have portfolios full of cutting-edge technology company investments, they still keep their communication channels with these companies within the constraints of email and spreadsheets. 

Companies are more dynamic and fast paced than ever before, and transparency is becoming more than just a marketing gimmick. With the advent of crowdfunding, and syndicates, cap tables have swelled from 5-10 partners at a small number of investment funds to potentially thousands of stakeholders. With that comes scale that email and traditional tools simply can't keep up with. InvestorFlare and I teamed up to design a concept application that could help make cap table management and progress reporting as modern as the companies that use it.

The Solution

Data visualisation, real time numbers, functional chat and request management were only a couple of the visions on how to make the process of keeping track of startups as well as updating stakeholders as simple as possible so that everyone can focus on the things that really matter.

A highly functional as well as beautiful responsive web application was designed to help achieve this goal. Crunching highly complex data as well as highly varied user profiles made this a real challenge, but the stakes ensured the effort was worthwhile. The outcome far surpassed our expectations, as well as those we worked with along the process.

Low Fidelity Mockups

As this was a comparatively small project with the initial goal being creating mockups to show potential seed investors, I made the executive decision to jump straight to low fidelity mockups so that user testing could start as soon as possible, and not result in a deadline being pushed back.

The low fidelity mockups below provided enough detail that we were able to show them to some industry experts, ranging from novice investors to veterans who had seen and worked with similar products. A lot of our assumptions were quickly dismissed, and we worked tirelessly to create a set of mockups that reflected the data procured by my research process.


The overview page enables a startup stakeholder get a quick and efficient report on how their connected startups are progressing in real time.

The Startups page provides the user with a list of their connected startups as well as quick stats and relevant glance-worthy information.

Simple, familiar and easy to use, the messaging page takes communication between stakeholders out of emails, and into an highly functional interface.

A feed interface makes it really easy to manage requests from the user's connected startup network. Filtering lets the user narrow down to their area of expertise.


High Fidelity Mockups

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