Valdis Barrett - UI/UX Designer

SaaS Software Marketing Website

Roles : Strategy, Web Design, Illustration

The Challenge

How do you sell a solution to a customer that doesn't even know they need it yet? How do you then explain the solution to them in a language they understand when most of your solution requires technical understanding? These were just a few of the tricky questions that came up in this project. With the SaaS solution on offer being a business management tool for the Senior Care industry, it meant selling a high-tech product to an old-fashioned industry with the majority of management being over the age of 60. Not only that, but the product was completely new to the industry, so the marketing website would have to educate the visitor on why they need to implement the system today.

The Solution

The final result was a simplistic website focusing on contextualising the benefits of the software opposed to inundating the visitor with buzzwords and technical terminology that was completely irrelevant to the target demographic. Features were highlighted as solutions to problems, rather than sold as software interfaces. Language used was kept as simple and understandable as possible, so that even the most non technical prospects wouldn't struggle to understand too much. Relying on visuals, screenshots and custom iconography, the site materialised as a simple, yet relatively attractive modern marketing site. 

High Fidelity Mockups

This was a very short turn around project with the majority of the work being done in code. This project is a great example of where I had to step out of my comfort zone and take on some tasks that I am not the best at, for example illustrating a custom icon set. 

Even though I am aware that I will continue to improve in many areas of design, I am always happy to push myself and wear any of the hats required of me to get the project and my team over the finish line.


The homepage was kept as simple as possible, and acted as a gateway to other pages on the screen as well as curated content. Call to Actions for getting the visitor to sign up for a demo were obvious and highlighted. The homepage had just enough details about the benefits of the product that it still required them to dig deeper into the website to find exactly what they were looking for.

Feature Page

Each core feature had it's on full length sales page, which was designed to act as it's own self-contained landing page. This was a great solution for SEO keyword targeting and meant a user could land directly on one of the feature pages and not feel entirely lost.

About Page

The about page was kept simple, and to the point. Using custom photography for the team to bring it to life and add a much needed human factor by introducing the management team behind the project. (Oh look it's me!)


One of the main selling features of ProsperCare was that pricing was simple and transparent. No complicated fee structures, just simple monthly payments based on usage. This pricing page follows the rather standard pricing page layout, and does so in the most minimalist way possible to keep the focus on conversions.


Wrapping Up & Final Thoughts

A short and enjoyable project, it definitely had it's challenges, especially in regards to designing around the target demographic. Equal amount of time was spent between researching the senior care industry norms and language as well as the actual design itself. While possibly not the most visually breathtaking outcome, it definitely got the job done and was a perfect fit for the industry that it's targeting. At the end of the day, that's what matters most.


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